First Grade

Mrs. Ware’s Second Graders:
Updates and happenings from our student-run website

We will hit the ground running starting August 14th! Knowledge has become ubiquitous. This shift in our society is forcing us to change the way we deliver education. We no longer want students to take information and place it in another spot. We want them to take this new learning and apply it. We want students to own a set of complex skills that go beyond straight facts-teamwork, critical thinking, communication, decision-making, etc. The skills that it takes to be successful in today’s world. Students will explore real life problems using traditional knowledge to build a deeper understanding.

Sample of our Class Happenings:
Although most of our projects will be student led, we will be creating a playground. BCA needs a playground. Our class will be doing the research, crunching the numbers, asking the questions and producing a presentation to give to our administration and board. Our goal is to have a student created playground in our school’s backyard by the end of the year. This project will be powered up in the fall.

Learning happens when the mind is active. We will be dong lots of field tests that will cause of to go off campus. We will be stretching our mindset to get out of our comfort zones. It is going to be an eventful year and I CAN NOT WAIT!

2nd Grade 

As stated in our mission statement, “We believe in a Christian worldview based on the absolute truth of God’s Word.” We strive to provide our students an academically superior education, all the while, pointing them to God.

We are located at 904 N Walton Blvd in Bentonville, AR. Our school day lasts from 8:00am-3:00pm with Bible, reading, writing and math taught through the day. Along with general studies, students have classes in music, art, Spanish, and PE. Technology is used daily by all students. We have daily chapel programs and special events during the school year.

Each child will need to have a completed application, copy of immunization records (or medical/religious exemption), and copy of birth certificate on file before starting school. We will be happy to make copies of these items for you.



Transitioning from Pre-K into Kindergarten can be tough, but BCA wants it to be as comfortable as possible. Our school strives to use an array curriculum to find what works best for our children and families. In Kindergarten we work through the alphabet and number system as well as social/emotional skills. Our Kindergarten teacher will assess each student and set a series of goals that are individual to them. We will work together to learn how to read and write. Kindergarten is the important educational foundation to build on all the way through to the end of college. Start your academic journey in a positive direction!