Financial Policy

Due Date:  All tuition payments are due on the 10th of the month for which the tuition applies.  Curriculum fees are due in two installments:  one-half before the first day of school in August and one-half before the first day of school in January of each applicable academic year.  Registration fees are due in full prior to enrollment.  All other amounts shall be due within 30 days after receipt of an invoice. 


Late Payments – Corrective Actions:  If any amounts remain past due by more than 35 days, the account holder must meet with the Headmaster and a member of the Finance Committee of the Board within five business days.  At the meeting, the parties will discuss whether they can agree on a satisfactory payment plan.  Failure to attend the meeting or failure to reach a satisfactory payment arrangement may result in the student’s dismissal from Bentonville Christian Academy, at Bentonville Christian Academy’s sole and absolute discretion.  Additionally, Bentonville Christian Academy may seek to collect, through any lawful means, any amounts past due by more than 60 days.  BCA will not enroll any student who has a past due amount from a prior period.  BCA will not hold a spot (including any spot on a waitlist) for a student with past-due amount. 


Late Payments – Fees & Interest:  Not applicable.  BCA will not charge late fees or interest for missing payments.Type your paragraph here.