"​Bentonville Christian Academy is a great place for kids to get a Christian foundation and education. Our kids have loved it and all if the teachers and staff are amazing. They truly care about the kids." -Sandi 'Hendrick' Hixson

"​​I am very happy with the quality of instruction my son receives. BCA is not a daycare; it is real school for 3 & 4+ year olds. My son will not start kindergarten for another two years and I believe he will be well ahead of where he needs to be by then. We love BCA!" -Sara Gilbert Leonard

​"We absolutely love Bentonville Christian Academy, we think this is a fantastic school. Our child loves his teachers. The entire staff is great and they truly care about my child. He is learning so much and has really grown socially. He loves to go to school because it is fun and he is learning. I know he will be well prepared for Kindergarten this fall." -Whitny Whiteside Haley​